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Published on May 6th, 2016 | by Gregorio Padron


Coconut Oil Secret Review – Fruit That Conquers The World?


As the number of people with lactose intolerance rises around the world, and countless diet plans encourage the public to avoid dairy, so the dairy free industry has increased soared 155% over a two year lifespan. As such, the public have become increasingly aware of the benefits of coconut oil and its role in reducing modern diseases. Controversially, dieters have historically been warned off consuming saturated fats, and yet the much advocated coconut oil is rich in this type of fat.

Armed with my own copy of The Coconut Oil Secret, I had the chance to scrutinise this popular superfood and decide on my own evaluation of its status.

What’s the controversy?

It all has to do with a short look back into history, when in the 1960s, the US Federal Government announced that hydrogenated oils are healthier and more likely to reduce cholesterol; vilifying the saturated ones like coconut oil, which raise levels of LDLs and can cause blocked arteries. The resultant “health scare” drove the public away from intake of saturated fats, and towards consuming the refined vegetable oils, such as sunflower. Of course, food manufacturers encouraged this manoeuvre because producing such oils is much cheaper.

Revered by some, coconut oil has been labelled superfood, a health food, and in some circles a functional food, which Coconut Oil Secret attempts to validate with case studies. Essentially we have always been warned off consuming too much coconut oil, due to its fat content, but actually recent studies have suggested that the opposite is true – hence there is some controversy.

Although it is technically a saturated fat, coconut oil has a wealth of health-promoting properties; whilst it doesn’t raise cholesterol, obesity, heart disease or any of the associated problems the food industry will have us believe.

In tandem with this issue, Western medicine encourages billions of dollars spending annually on the healthcare industry, which this simple guide to the benefits of coconut oil helps to debunk.

Who is the author?

Written and presented by Jake Carney, the eBook has been published by The Alternative Daily; which Jake is the founder of. Considered an expert author in the field of health foods and nutrition, Jake has condensed and consolidated all of his research on this growing subject into one easy to read and accessible eBook.

What is the coconut secret?

Rapidly rising in the ranks of the public’s number one superfood, coconut oil is becoming less of a secret. From Alzheimer’s to thyroid problems, and dental hygiene to weight loss, the health conscious across the world are hungry for more information like that which Jake’s eBook contains. A detailed history of the multiple uses of coconut oil, which date back thousands of years, to how to choose which types of coconut oil to purchase are all areas covered in this comprehensive guide to the superfood.

Currently rising in public interest is the matter of thyroid related conditions, and Jake offers an entire chapter dedicated to thyroid health.


Why choose this eBook?

What with the advent of the digital age, the sad fact is that many books found on the internet are created to make money. Too many times you hit the click button, and a badly produced ‘book’ is sent through; lacking evidence. Written and researched by the expert author, you can be assured that Coconut Oil Secret contains well presented and thorough info.

Revered and respected in his sector, Jake can be trusted due to his extensive career as an author. Regularly writing and producing content in the health industry, Jake’s reputation is good, and he has a great belief in the underpinning benefits of coconuts.

Aesthetically pleasing, with pictures and diagrams, the work is written in an engaging style, due to Jake’s background as a writer. Because it’s digitalized, it can be accessed through almost any media: laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones. This optimizes convenience; making the Coconut Oil Secret a portable font of knowledge to access anywhere.

Making Coconut Oil Secret stand out from others are its real life case studies and scientific citations. Jake has covered everything; leaving no stone has unturned in researching the power of the coconut oil. With a focus on explaining more about the four most unhealthy ‘health’ oils which saturate the market, Jake argues the point of benefit of coconut oil throughout the pages of this revolutionary eBook, and empowers you to make better health choices.

What’s included in Coconut Oil Secret?

Coconut Oil Secret gives a detailed and well researched history of the uses of coconut oil, such as its use as a cure during world war two. This predates the health scare mentioned above, which changed public perception of the revelatory oil. Jake blows the lid on the refined oils; explaining how these attack cells in the thyroid and can lead to obesity and other related illnesses.

With a chapter dedicated to understanding the microbial benefits within coconut oil you will understand the contribution coconut oil makes to healthy gut flora. Carney explains how this helps to keep your body in balance; reversing ills such as weakened immune system. He further explains the link to plus Candida – a yeast infection with a bunch of co-related health issues. Later Carney explains that certain foods intercept iodine absorption, and how coconut oil, as well as other foods, can release it to encourage a healthier system.

Scientifically backed case studies and research into coconut oil’s anti-coagulant properties divulge its benefits for improving liver health, cleansing the colon and helping arterial flow help you to understand what damages your body, and how coconut oil can help to reverse this.

Purported to be a tooth whitener, skin smoother and eye brightener, Carney examines the beauty benefits of coconut oil too. From the internal benefits to the aesthetic, Coconut Oil Secrets explains how and why regular consumption of the wonder oil help optimize health and beauty.

What’s the catch?

Good news: There is no catch! You can access all of this information, plus a bunch of added extras, by making a one off payment at the touch of a button. Once you have received your copy, if you are not happy about anything, you can return Coconut Oil Secret at no cost, and with no questions asked and obtain a full refund.


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