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Published on May 6th, 2016 | by Matt Whelan


Fat Diminisher Review – My Results

Fat Diminisher is an e-book for people who are struggling with losing weight, or for those who would like to begin start losing excessive fat from their bodies.


It’s created by Wesley Virgin, a professional fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and also a very famous person in fitness & health circles. He claims that his program will help you lose weight easily, but not instantly, and that it’s different from other guides in his industry.

It will teach you how to completely change your current diet and exercise habits so you will be healthier and look thinner, not only for some time, but for your whole life. He will also provide you with the names of two vegetables that are adding fat to your thighs and waistline and you are probably eating them constantly.

The e-book is both for women and men no matter how old you are.

The reason you probably feel no energy all the time is that your body is full of toxins and you need to get rid of them. Once you do, you will feel like you can do everything what you want without procrastination. That’s the main point of this guide – to bring you back to a life full of internal energy, and to stop vegetating on the couch.

My adventure with Fat Diminisher:

I’m 28 years old and weighed 208 pounds at 5″8″ height at the beginning of the program. I was terribly thick. The worst was that I was aware of my obesity, but I assumed that it must be this way because I had one approach before with weight loss and I failed. Starving to death by eating only vegetables and drinking water was surely not for me.


Then I found an advertisement on some blog site that losing weight is not that hard, you only need to be consistent and motivated enough to achieve it. During that time I was always feeling like I was deprived of vital energy. Getting up from the bed was a nightmare, going to work was a nightmare, not to mention of having any hobby. Wait… I had one hobby, watching movies and serials all day long after work in front of my computer screen and eating pizza and sugary drinks during the shows. Only after that I was feeling like I’m gaining energy to make this effect disappear after a while. Now I know that it was caused by sugar contained in the drinks.

To be honest, I always dreamed of a slim silhouette, to have a beautiful girl, and to be liked by people just like you. The problem was that I always put off losing weight for later. The situation changed when I finally had enough of this. One day I just woke up and I did not got to work. Going to the place that people are making fun of you just because you are fat is not cool. I hated seeing the twisted faces of girls who look at you with a disgust, too. I swore this day to myself that I will change my current life.

The first thing I did was reading the whole Fat Diminisher E-book, Then I read it again while slowly implementing all the stuff. What surprised me is that there are a lot of recipes for dishes that taste very good! I always thought that healthy food is mostly hard to eat (probably because of my previous experience). Abandoning my current bad eating habits and implementing new ones from this guide has increased my energy.


I felt first effects after 2 days. It wasn’t a massive energy boost but it was a sign for me that I’m on the right track. I lost my first 5 pounds in just one week! I was very pleased with myself and I was even more motivated. In the past I would not even think to check my weight. I was scared and I preferred not to know. Since losing my first pounds, checking my weight became my daily ritual. I was excited every day that tomorrow when I get up from bed I will be thinner. Physical exercises which lasted literally a moment for me hardened my body a bit. With each successive week my body was thinner by about 4 pounds. After a month I went to the pool. I didn’t even know that swimming can be so enjoyable. It’s quickly becoming my first normal hobby. I didn’t care about other people’s opinion about me there. My self-confidence grew because I knew I was close to achieving a healthy weight and the normal body shape that I was dreaming of. I can say that it was my only goal in life at that time. After work I must say that I didn’t even feel great fatigue as before and just moments after dinner I was ready to get out to the pool.

3 months passed and I lost 48 pounds! People from work stopped making fun of me. The pseudonym “fatty” remained only a memory. A lot of my school friends that are meeting me these days didn’t even recognize me at first. It’s funny when you walk the street and your friends that haven’t seen you long time with a surprise on their faces are responding you tentatively – “Why… hello”. Even some girls are smiling to me.

My metabolism has improved and I feel the power like I was a kid. Today only what I’m doing is controlling my weight and doing daily exercises to not get back to where I’ve been.


plus Being fat makes you look older than you really are. This guide will provide you a list of powerful minerals and herbs that you can add to your diet. It will help your organism to fight with free radicals and slow down the aging process.

plus Wesley will reveal for you some veggies and other foods that are not actually healthy as other guides and marketers say, but are harming your health and stopping your weight loss.

plus The content is interesting and motivates you to act. There is nothing worse than reading an e-book that is not written in interesting way, just dry facts.

plus Your confidence will be much higher. Just as changing your current jacket for a new one improves your confidence, the same is with losing weight. Daily viewing yourself in the mirror will definitely give you the necessary strength and will make you feel better.


minus Information included in fat diminisher program can be overwhelming for a beginner. You will need to google some of the specific terms to get a better explanation of it.

minus You will need to be consistent and set goals for yourself. This guide is not a magic pill. If you are lazy, getting demotivated quickly, and don’t believe in yourself, then this guide is not for you. Your current diet and lifestyle will be changed.

Final Words:

Losing weight cannot be achieved immediately. Nothing in life comes easy. If you think for a while you will remind yourself that you had to fight and devote a lot of your time for the things you truly respect.

I bet that after reading this review and my personal story you are motivated enough. If even I was able to get a grip from being terribly lazy and without life energy, so can you! After some months of hard work you will be proud of yourself and your life will change for better. You will be able to put on clothes you was always dreamed of and you will certainly be more desirable by the opposite sex.

Start today!

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