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Published on April 14th, 2016 | by Nathaniel Wyse


Learn Photo Editing Review – What Skills Will You Gain

Learn Photo Editing is an online project made by Patrick, a photo editor, colorist, photographer and graphic artist. As a specialist in his field he is sharing his knowledge worldwide with everyone in the form of video tutorials in Photoshop version CS5 or higher. He started with 15 professional tutorials, and for now as I’m writing this review I can see 33 in the members area and this number is constantly growing!

Patrick will teach you how you can improve your photos to make them just as professional as you can see in modern posters or advertisements without a need of spending around $5000 for high quality camera and lens.

t’s mainly skills of photo editing that really counts these days. Patrick’s guide for beginners and intermediate photographer simply for hobby, to trot out in front of friends and family, or even to begin your career as a freelancer.

My experience with “Learn Photo Editing” program:

I was looking for Photoshop tutorials on the web, and somewhere on a forum a member shared a link to this program. I decided to register and I gained access to the members area. The design of it is clear and well organised.

At the beginning my main motivation for starting this course was the desire to learn the basics of image editing. I wanted  to make them look original and in the future, create something that no one has seen before using knowledge which I was gaining with every new video tutorial, as I’m a creative person and I like to experiment.

I started my adventure with the same images as in the video tutorials at the beginning to understand what I was actually doing and only then I was working with my own private photos.

Here are some results of my job:



As you can see the final effect is stunning and now I even started mixing some of the effects I learned in several of the tutorials.

If I was a complete beginner and was able to make such a good photos then you can be sure you can make it too (even better than me).

What I like the most is the fact that after seeing some of  videos, you become more aware of what you are actually doing and you don’t need to pause the video to have time to find where this concrete effect is actually hidden in Photoshop. You know, with time we acquire skills and then we do some things automatically without even thinking about it. It’s just experience which we must gain. Of course, if you are motivated enough and you like to set goals for yourself, believe me that the final effects of editing your own photos are worth it!

If you are a beginner, I will give you a tip that the best way to learn from these videos is not to rush but to watch it slowly. Open Photoshop, insert the same or any other picture you would like to edit, and repeat the same steps as Patrick shows in his videos. Give yourself a little time to find every function and try to remember where it was located and what it does exactly. Learning this way is the best and after time you will create something original by mixing several techniques that come to mind after watching some of the videos.

If you are intermediate, then I bet you will still don’t know how to make some of the effects because the human mind is unlimited and Patrick is actually making tutorials that even professionals will have trouble recreating by seeing only final edited photo.

What effects I will be able to create with learn photo editing?

There are many tutorials there and all of them are different from each other. You will learn how to:

  • Create a cartoon caricatures of people. It’s associated with using photo manipulation, retouching, or color grading. It covers you step by step on how to achieve it. Photo manipulation can be used in many ways. You can modify the real photo of your best friend and then give it to him personally or by posting birthday wishes with it on his wall on facebook. It would be a great present especially for your girlfriend as you had to put an effort and time to create it and it’s actually very funny! It’s always good to tease a little. You can even make a gig on fiverr.com and some people will pay $5 for you to create cartoon caricature of themselves, thereby combining business with pleasure.


  • Make a fantasy portrait. You will be provided with the photo of un-retouched woman and then you will start working on her skin, lighting, color grading, and ending on modifying the background.


  • Another fantasy job, but in this case you will work on another character, an old man. You will use techniques which will turn him into an alien. The only limit there is your imagination. You can use the already prepared photo or your own. Post it somewhere on UFO forums and claim that he just visited you this night while you were sleep with a lit lamp.


  • Create magazine advertisements. The final work is a pretty woman in a red dress on ablack and white background. It’s mainly focused to create a good contrast between them. These photo editing techniques are very popular nowadays.


  • Transform your plain photos into spectacular ones. You will achieve it by using techniques of color grading. The final effect is fantastic!


  • Create stunning fantasy environment photos. This one is a pretty long video (about 2 hours) but the demand in the market will reward you if you wish to sell them in the future.


  • Do a makeover. Models that you see everyday on billboards could be in reality photographed without makeup. People responsible for this believe so much in their photo manipulation skills that they want to take care about it alone. You will also learn it, step by step.


  • Get the colors and other details out of the photo. It’s pretty short tutorial, less than an hour. It will teach you advanced color grading techniques and then you will be able to create the tone mapping effect without a need of any plugins or other software, just photoshop.


  • Create a lightbox. It’s all about color grading, correcting, and lightning techniques. The final effect is the cheapest lightbox that will help you to lighten some of the photos you might be curious about.


There are many more techniques I could share, but it would take me days to describe all videos in Learn Photo Editing Program. These are only a taste of what you will learn. However, you can find these pictures and techniques in much higher resolution.


plus All of the videos are high quality and very well described. Even a complete layman that just downloaded photoshop will know exactly what to do from the beginning to the end.

plus Seemingly boring and hopeless images can be transformed into breathtaking ones. You no longer need to worry that you’ve missed your best shot. It takes the photo editing to the next level as you learn from a professional.

plus Video tutorials will increase your creativity. With each subsequent video, you will become more experienced and new ideas will come to your mind. You will have no problems with creating great photos.

plus A brand new camera or lenses will be completely useless for you. You will save a lot of money. Most of the stunning photos are edited with Photoshop, not simply snapped.


minus It requires Photoshop. It can be a big expense for you if you don’t already have it. You will have to find other ways to get it. However, there is still a 30-day free trial version, so you can go for it.

minus Tutorials really require a lot of concentration. You need to devote your time only for this task if you will to learn something. Otherwise you will get lost quickly and have no idea what you are actually doing.

My conclusion:

As you can see, mastering photo editing in Photoshop can bring you many benefits.

Ranging from admiration of your work by your friends to on financial advantage. It only depends on you, which way you will choose. With time, you may eventually come up with the idea that it will bring you fame or lots of money. Who knows, everything in our lives is a coincidence…


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