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Published on April 14th, 2016 | by Michael Martens


Make Women Want You Review – Everything You Should Know!

What is this book and what is it about?


The “Make Women Want You” 115 page long e-book, written by Jason Capital, is a step-by-step guide that teaches a 3-step formula you can use to make women feel subconsciously interested in you.

The techniques work because it’s already pre-loaded into her DNA. There is nothing much she can do about it. These specific words and your acting bypass her logical brain (Yes, I know it’s hard to believe they already have one ;)). By saying it’s in their DNA already, I mean that every woman has a sexual desire coded in, and it took place tens of thousands of years ago! It’s similar to our fear of the dark. Even if we know there is nothing to fear and nothing will happen at all, we still feel nervous and very sensitive to even the smallest sound we hear. This is coded in our DNA, too, since there was a time in our human history that we had to feel this way due to predatory animals around us – it’s called the “survival instinct”. I guess that you already have heard about it. Ok, let’s get back to the subject.

As everyone in his profession, he had to work on himself by doing a lot of research, reading, and by trial and error method. The thing that surprised me after I read his guide is the fact that he focuses not only on approach and seduction techniques, but also on how to be a better human. And by that, I mean “better version of YOU”. You will respect yourself and your time, which will lead you to become more desirable to women. Guess why? Women WANT what they CAN’T HAVE. That’s why. Strange creatures, aren’t they?

How did it work for me and what have I attained from it?

make-women-want-you-ebook-logoFirst thing I have to say is, don’t read the whole book at once. I found myself very excited about all the new information. I tried to pack in everything, reading it from cover to cover in a short time, and it seemed a bit overwhelming to me. The best solution is to read one chapter per day, believe me. By learning it on schedule, your brain will more easily absorb the knowledge.

Let me tell you a story first. I remember when I was in the club with my friends on Saturday night. I won’t say I was drunk because I wasn’t (really). As it is in the clubs, we entered, dressed off, and we hit the bar with few of my friends. Some of them went directly to the dance floor. While I was waiting for the barmaid to give us beers, I noticed a few hot girls around. Then I thought “Why not give these words I have read in the book a try right now?” I was beyond chapter 3 so I knew what to do. I approached her and said exactly what Jason said in his e-book. I didn’t expect a firework, because I was still at the beginner stage. After I said this simple word, guess what happened? First, I noticed she was a little shocked, then she smiled at me! I thought “I’m in!” and I took her hand and led her to the dance floor. After some time spent on it and having a good time together, she gave me her number. I just said to her, “It was nice to dance with you, enter your phone number here” and I put forward my phone in front of her eyes. She did not protest. She just entered her phone number like she was in hypnosis and I really felt like a DOMINATING MALE who KNOWS what he WANTS and he just TAKES IT, because he is WORTH IT! I really love this feeling!

I don’t know if it was really a stroke of luck or not, but it worked that time. However, I must say that I had used the same strategy on other women elsewhere and didn’t succeed. As far as I remember, 8 out of 10 women I approached were actually flirting with me and they seemed to find me attractive. The other 2 rejected me. I don’t know if it was because I had not enough knowledge, or if I didn’t implement it correctly. It simply takes time to work on yourself. You can’t be always successful every time you try new things. However, I think that this score is very satisfying. Also, I don’t take those rejections personally because I have learned to deal with them. I don’t even know why should I be sad? Just like Jason Capital says: “their loss” :).

The technique I learned the most from in Jason’s Guide is the “high value” small talk. It covers very useful tips on how to raise it to next level. If there was a scale for it, I would rate my small talk skills before at a 3/10. With male friends it is different. Men are men, and we don’t need to talk all the time. With girls, however, it’s not that simple. We need to learn how to lead an interesting conversation. We also need to use our body language properly to intrigue her and to stand out from the other guys that she is meeting. Women are sometimes dating a lot of guys, and they want to pick the best one. I knew what to say when it came to getting her number, but when it was the time to go on the date, I often failed. You know that feeling when you sit with the girl, thinking what to say next? This was my main problem. I was THINKING WHAT TO SAY NEXT instead of LISTENING TO HER. I’m really glad that this book covers it widely. The other ones I used to learn from did not focus enough on the small talk skills. Now I know how to lead a really interesting conversation, and where I should look to find new subjects every place I’m with her, thus, avoiding this awkward silence (brr…).

We Discuss individual chapters found in “Make Women Want You”

Chapter No.1


Society is like a herd of sheep led by a shepherd. Fortunately, you do not belong to this “flock”, simply because you already reading this review. You will learn about the 7 convictions that most people blindly believe in. Jason provides you with their 7 new convictions. You will become better than others who don’t spend time investing in their own personality. In a nutshell, these seven beliefs will make you:

  • Deal with the past and accept it,
  • You will become a risk taker, who gets what he wants. Positive emotions will surround you and everyone will see it clearly. This has a huge impact on your relationships with opposite sex,
  • You will get rid of the Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome.

Chapter 2.


What do women really want? As they often don’t know themselves, they want US to KNOW what they WANT. It seems incomprehensible at first, but there is a solution for this! Read this 3-step formula. It’s explained there.

Chapter 3.


Chapter 3 is devoted to the rules of attraction. It will show you how to be original. If you want a woman notice you, you need to be different from the other guys around you. You will know what to do to achieve it. It shows us the method to use when approaching women, including what to say first and how to create a conversation. The chapter is full of examples that will make you funny and challenging. There is also a lesson teaching you the proper body language.

Chapter 4.


This is the chapter, which I referred to earlier, will upgrade your small talk to another level. Or if you are hopeless in conversing with women, it will teach you. It will show you how to share stories with women in an interesting way. It’s full of examples. The main point is to make her feel curious, interested, and attracted to you. The other good thing is that it’s not only usable women. You will be a better conversationalist in general, with all people. They will like you more and they will respect you.

Chapter 5.


All you need to know about Escalation – when and how to do it. You can’t just go for a kiss if you didn’t even touch her hand. It will make a woman chase you because you are TOO BUSY and TOO VALUABLE to chase after women. You have other women who are waiting with impatience to see you again! So why would you chase her? Let other men do that. There are already too many people doing it. They don’t know that they are actually wasting their time by trying to buy into her feelings. How pathetic.

Chapter 6.


The last chapter reviews all the previous material to make sure you know everything you should. How to write text messages in order to make an appointment with women you would like to? How to act during the date? How to behave when you go for a first kiss with a woman? You will find the answers to these questions here. If you follow these tips, you will have higher energy than the woman you are meeting, which means SHE will chase YOU. You’ve got the power!


plus It’s not you, who chases the woman. It’s the woman who CHASES YOU. This guide shows us how to respect ourselves, leave girls thirsty for further meetings, and how to build our lives not based only on women. They will become an “addition” to our life. Women actually love that type of man, but they will never admit it. If you don’t believe me, take a second and think about this hot woman you were dreaming of. This guy, with whom she was, was an asshole and didn’t respect her, right? You thought that you were better than him and you should take his place. Unfortunately, that never happened and she was always complaining about him to you.

plus This guide can be followed by every person. It doesn’t matter how you think you look. People often think that they are ugly, that they are balding, or that they do not have enough cash to have the woman of their dreams. It’s all bullshit. The media has BRAINWASHED US. Of course, you need $1.000,000 in your bank account and a brand new Lamborghini from the salon to get the pretty girl you are looking for. But WAKE UP from the HIBERNATION and realize that there are plenty of hot women walking down the streets with men who are not even neatly dressed, driving beat up old cars. Does that mean that you are worse than them? Of course not!

plus With this plan you won’t be so prone to emotional injury, simply because you are not focusing on just one woman. So if she decides not to meet you again, you will forget about her very fast. You have more women in the queue, so why you should bother with this one? Quite another thing comes up if the women break up with you after six months or a year of being together. Breakups always hurt and it’s normal because we are human beings, after all.


minus These methods won’t work on every single girl. That’s just not possible, even for Brad Pitt! The “Make Women Want You” guide is highly recommended, but I don’t understand why the author would say such things. My own results in making women sexually interested in me are very good, and I really appreciate it, but still, not every women I talk to is interested in me.

minus When I first opened the Official Website and heard the promotional video I was a bit confused. While this knowledge is very powerful, I really don’t like talking about women as sex toys. As I say, everyone is different and it depends on you, in which way you will use this knowledge.

My Conclusion

I decided to give it a try because it is a World Top-Rated product. Looking at my results, I don’t wonder why. Of course, it’s not for you if you are already successful with women and you do know how to act in the situations I mentioned. Quite a lot of time has passed since I have ordered this e-book, but I’m still coming back to remind myself of the advice I learned from it.

  • How to talk to new women
  • How to know when to kiss her and how to do it properly
  • Learn when and how you should invite her on the date
  • How to lead interesting conversations and know what to say in every place you are with your woman
  • How to arouse her Sexual Interest in you

If those lessons sound like they would help, then this guide is for you. You will also get additional 9 bonuses which you will discover in just a minute. Now go to the official website and listen to Jason’s video. I hope you come back as a new, better version of yourself to this page after some time (as you will need it to implement this knowledge) and share your thoughts with us.

I would really like to see how it’s worked for you!

Good Luck!


Stronger than ever – I’m gonna win. I will never come back to where I’ve been!

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