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Published on April 14th, 2016 | by Michael Martens


The Tao Of Badass Review – Really A Must Have?

What Is This “Tao Of Badass” About?

The Tao Of Badass is a dating guide developed by guy named Joshua Pellicer. He says that if we follow and implement his step by step guide, we will be able to seduce most of the women we would like to, no matter even if we are balding, or whether we treat ourselves as an “average looking” guy.


Not only we will become more confident, but we will also get rid of this frustrating and hard to deal with thing that scares us the most about approaching attractive women, but do not admit it publicly. Yes! I’m talking about “REJECTION”.

My Personal Review: Is it really that simple?

I had the opportunity a pretty long time ago to study this ebook and, of course, implement it. Because it’s not about the “read and forget it” method we used to pass exams in school.

Many people that I know buy all this dating stuff and they are like “Oh yeah, he is right. That’s make sense!”, then they are too lazy to really use the knowledge they learned, in real life. If you are that kind of person, then you can simply close this website, because it’s just a waste of time for you.

This ebook contains 152 pages and 10 modules, which we will discuss later. It’s only for determined people, who really want to be successful when it comes to the relationship. And it’s not a shame to learn about it, either (95% of men believe they know everything about women). That’s what we call a male pride, don’t we? The funniest thing about most of them is that they still have no girlfriend. Their excuse is that they are stupid or weird. We all know the truth, and the truth is that they have no idea how to treat women and talk attractively to them.

This is a review only, the Official Website is here →

Ok, let’s talk about what Pellicer will teach us through his guide. Here are a few of the most important lessons:


  • How to become a person who is chased by women
  • The worst mistakes that men frequently make when they talk to women, and how to avoid them
  • How to set your mindset to another level when you approach a woman
  • How to know what women really think about you and save yourself embarrassment
  • How to express yourself using desirable body language
  • Learn when to hang loose and leave
  • Learn the sentence that will transform other men in the bar into your personal guard. Eliminate the competition!
  • The top 10 mistakes that you will have to remember to keep a woman interested
  • Mind tricks that make women want you subconsciously
  • A change in a way you walk that will make women think “who is this guy?”
  • Learn the way you sit that drastically decreases your chances
  • How to make a connection with women to make her open up to you, get “real” fast, and let down her guard.
  • How to not be only a “NICE GUY” who is always getting rejected. Find out if that’s actually not you! (I admit that it was me 3 years ago… and it was so frustrating)
  • Avoid being put into the “FRIEND ZONE”. Seriously, I didn’t realize it was that simple.
  • Avoid this text message: “I really like you, but I’m not ready for a relationship. We can still be friends :)” Yeah… blah blah blah. No more such texts! P E R I O D!
  • Older guys can attract younger women. Learn the tweak that will change their way of thinking about you.
  • Learn the 10 things that REVEAL when a specific woman is INTERESTED in you. Women often send us signals to talk, but we are too blind to see them.

10 Modules in The Tao Of Badass Revealed:

  1. Introduction


Standard in every product, the introduction is just a short welcome page. You will be informed how you will become better with women by reading every module in this guide.

  1. Gender Roles


Joshua explains us the roles in this world. As men, we are forced to seduce women and invite them on dates. We lead them, and they love it if we know how to do it properly. Have you ever wondered why this hot woman hangs out with this guy, but not you? Learn what masculine traits attract women.

  1. Confidence


And again self-confidence… Yeah, but without it, you just can’t be successful and women will only feel sorry for you. You will learn how to become more confident and women will wonder why. Don’t worry, it’s step by step process that everyone can handle psychologically. It’s like when you were a kid and you didn’t know how to tie your shoes. Mom always helped you, but after some time you just get your laces in your hands and tie it on your own. Joshua Pellicer is your MOM from now on!

  1. The Approach


In this section, you will have a plan when you approach new women. That means you will be less nervous and will be able to talk and seduce her without paralyzing fear. It explains the most common fear men have when they meet new people. You will be able to deal with it. This module explains exactly what to do in this situation, what you will say, and what you shouldn’t do.

  1. Tests


Look. Let’s make it clear. Women are dating several guys at the same time. Even if they don’t admit it, they do. That’s why they are using tests and they are doing it naturally. It’s just a part of their nature, so we can’t blame them for that. When you are trying to impress her, she will for sure try her games to make sure you are not lying. If you fail these tests, she will lose her attraction to you. Read this module CAREFULLY and find out what kind of tests they are using.

  1. The Tao System

Young man whispering in his girlfriend's ear

The most important section. In it’s 28 pages, it tells us everything about the seduction system. You will be able to learn real, trial and error, tested by Joshua, methods of seduction. This module is full of tips, strategies and techniques that you really need to learn. It’s a treasury of knowledge.

  1. Reading Body Language


25 pages of fully served information of how to read signals of attraction that women send us frequently. It’s very important because we can clearly see the green light for us.

  1. Creating Love


This dating guide is not only how to reach women and talk to her without fear. It teaches us how to create an emotional bond with a woman to get our dating life satisfied both for her and you. It’s the only way to keep your girl attracted to you all the time.

  1. The Biggest Mistakes That You Can Make…


People are often making mistakes, you’re probably making them, too. Me either. But how about learning from someone else’s failures? You will save time and learn the top 10 major mistakes that men make with women. You should really be careful not to make these same mistakes, because the more often you fail, the more likely it is that the girl will lose her attraction to you.

  1. Author’s Conclusion


A summary of the entire book.

Visit Official Website for even more information →


plus What surprised me is that it’s not only a single PDF file. Personally, I’m more up to reading than watching or listening, but if you don’t like to read, the guide comes with audio and video files. The audio version may be very useful if you are a busy man.

plus The section on knowing when to kiss a girl – that helped me a lot. I was confused about when and where I should kiss a girl. And the most important one – not getting rejected. This is a big plus from me, because it was personally my main problem.

plus This guide doesn’t focus only on pickup. It leads us by hand what to do in a relationship. It was pissing me off that most other “gurus” I used to learn from focused mainly on pickup. Fine, I could go out to the street and hit on woman after woman, say some funny texts which I memorized and build superficial attraction, and then ask them for a phone number, but what after that? The Tao Of Badass teaches how to keep women attracted on high level in a relationship.

plus Live chat – I used the live chat function because I had problem with understanding one specific term of seduction. I received an accurate response for my question quickly. I always appreciate if the support is really working instead of just being placed there because it should be, and you can wait til death until they respond to you.

plus The entire guide is written very well and you don’t need to read each sentence 3 times over to finally understand what the author had in mind.


minus There should be added some kind of guide to the different types of women. As we know, the world is full of women who want to use us as their personal slave to fulfill their desires (especially those ones which cost a lot of money). It would be really nice if the author could add this in the future. The “Gold Digger” type is the one I just mentioned above. Including some information on different kinds of women would really help the beginners.

minus Page Count – Instead of 152 pages, I think the book could easily be trimmed to around 130. I found that author unnecessarily explains some concepts in 2 or more sentences. “Time is money friend!”. Audiobooks are for that purpose. Fortunately there is an audiobook version, too.

The 3 most important things you will learn from Tao Of Badass are…

star Self-confidence with hot women. This is the end of stuttering, blushing, or starting conversation with a broken voice. These changes in thinking have helped thousands of people already (including me).

star Women will be for you like an open book. You will be prepared for any situation, because you already know what to expect next. And what does it mean? You won’t feel fear because of it. You know what’s going on and you know what to do!

star Zero competition. Yes, ZERO! Why? Because most people don’t know what they are actually doing, and they are not even wanting to do anything to reach their dating goals. That means they will fail. If it doesn’t happen on the first date, then it will for sure happen on other ones. With your new learned skills you can simply wait and not even worry about the competition, because you are already a winner.

Final Words:

I will recommend this Tao Of Badass Guide for beginners and semi-advanced people, because it’s worth it and it will always be. It changed my perception of women. I can talk to them without fear. They are just people like us and they are very kind to me. Finally I had some success with them and I quit treating very hot women as something unattainable for me. They are very often surprised by my confidence and they are flirting with me more often than before, even FIRST.

Remember – to be good at something, you need to LEARN IT, SPEND TIME ON IT, and IMPLEMENT IT. This is why I’m proud of my results.

Repeat my success, and then share your experience with me in the comment section below. I hope to see your story soon! Good Luck!

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