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Published on May 6th, 2016 | by Max Libertine


ZCode System Review – A Profitable Or Unprofitable Investment?

ZCode System is a sports betting robot that shows you the most profitable bets you should place based on 16 years of experience! How?

It was created in 1999 by a team of 27 people related to the sports industry and since then, it gathers daily all of the important information to its huge database. ZCode System takes into consideration over 80 different parameters (player conditions, injuries, Home or Away team, goalies, past performance, predicted future performance, trainers, events, importance of match, rivalries, feuds, and so MUCH more). Based on this information it can predict the winner. Keep in mind that it’s a percentage game, not a “sure bet” that gamblers use to repeat daily. I bet you have heard from them before that last time they have won so much money and they are going to double it just in a minute, but when you ask them to give their overall profit, they most likely to change the subject…


Well, Zcode System is not a GAMBLING tool. It’s an INVESTMENT tool. The ZCode team claims that ZCode System has an 86.5 % success rate and that there were no single month they were in the red. You can try it even if you have no knowledge in sports and betting at all.

My Personal Experience with ZCode System:

It all started 6 months ago. I met with my good friend at the bar. I haven’t seen him for a long time. I was about to buy a beer for us as it was a Saturday night and I wanted to relax a bit after a week of hard work in the factory. I knew that Rick wasn;t in a good financial situation as he was fired from his job few months ago. I was about to pull out the money from my pocket when Rick told me to put it back and said to the bartender:

– Two bottles of Jack Daniels, and the largest pizza you got there.

He was in a good mood. I must admit that I hadn’t seen him like this before.

When we sat down I said to him:

Rick, what happened? As far as I remember we were always drinking only beers and now you are ordering 2 bottles of Jack Daniels and pizza? What the hell is happening? Did you rob a bank? I thought you were broke!

Then he put his hand on my shoulder and said:

– Michael, now I can afford it. I started betting on sports. I have invested almost all of my last spare money.

Are you crazy? I said. It’s not a good idea to invest your last money on gambling. Maybe you were lucky and have won some big money but sooner or later you will place more and more bets and you will lose all the money you won and even more! Believe me. I know some people like that!

– It’s not gambling, he said. I don’t even decide on whom to bet. These decisions are not mine.

So, who is deciding? You have found some guru who claims that he can predict every single result? It’s not possible. They only person who earns money is HIM, because he earns huge money on subscriptions.

– None of these things. ZCode system is pure math and its choices are not emotional like humans. That’s why you are winning money in the long term. Mathematics do not lie. It calculates the percentage of wins and the profitability based on 16 years of experience and almost 80 different parameters. If you have 70 % to win this particular bet then it means you can lose your money in the worst scenario first 3 bets in a row, but the next 7 will be won.

Interesting, I said. If it’s profitable then I would like to test it by myself, but I’m not a big sports fan at all. I have 0 knowledge. I don’t even like to watch any of them. Even football matches bore me. How much have you invested so far, and how much you have won?

– You don’t need to be a sports fan to place bets. ZCode shows you exactly what to do. Which team to bet on, when, and particular information why you should do it. I started with $800 at the beginning and now I’ve got around $5600.

In how much time?

– 4 months for now.

It’s impressive. Did you ever have a month in which you were in the red?

– Not a single one. There was only one month in which half the time I was in red. In the next half, I regained the losses and I even managed to earn $400 at the end of it.

I decided to try it out. The vision of making extra money each month was promising. If Rick had good results with it, then why shouldn’t I? He has helped me to start out, as I have helped him many times, and he could always count on me.

I chose one of the sports betting websites and I registered on it. ZCode System leads you step by step by providing you a guide for every option. There is no guessing game. At the beginning the information there and the sections were a bit overwhelming, but after several days I figured it out.

I was betting on almost every sport I guess. Even horse racing! I didn’t even watch one in my whole life. Haha. I must say that it was a really nice feeling to place bets on what ZCode recommends and watch the account balance. Who don’t like to see his money growing?

There were of course times when I was losing. A 100 % success ratio is just not possible, and everyone knows it.

My first month with ZCode system ended with earnings of $230 US dollars. It’s not too much, as I was a bit skeptical at first. All of my bets were around $15-20 each, with a bankroll of $500. That’s my nature and I always need to test everything on my own, and if something goes wrong I want to lose as little as possible.

After that first month, when I saw that ZCode brought me profit – I increased the amount of my bets. I was now betting $25-40 each. It resulted in $645 profit at the end of second month!

In the third and next months I was able to increase amount of my bets significantly. I had my own bankroll management, and already earned cash with it so til now I’m setting it from $40 to even $200 each! The $200 bet goes only on 5 and sometimes 4 stars rating recommended ZCode bets.

As I’m writing this review, I’m in it 6 months and my bankroll is $2,752, as I had to withdraw $2,500. So I’ve won a total of $5,252 in just 6 months. For me, it’s a really huge amount of extra cash in addition to my normal job.


plus It’s not only showing you on whom you should bet, because “just do it”. Every bet contains fully detailed information why to do this, so you can understand ZCode thinking.

plus Even people like me who know 0 about the sports, teams or participants because it’s not interesting them at all can turn a profit. You just do what they tell you to do.

plus There was no single day that I would see no upcoming recommendation bets to place. It’s updated everyday. Apparently there are no lazy people there, as even forums and email questions are typically answered in 24 hours.

plus It has a good reputation among their users.


minus There is no place for lazy people. You will need to read and watch video guides to understand its functions. Also sometimes you will need to look up specific betting terminology on Google.

minus To succeed and earn money you will need to place bets everyday. Even omitting one day is a big loss, in my opinion. If you can’t find at least twenty minutes per day for ZCode – forget about it.

minus If you feel very nervous about your invested money and you can’t deal with a situation where you unfortunately lose several bets in a row, or that on day 6 you lose all your money which you were collecting for 5 days and it makes you feel mad – it’s not for you. Your bad emotions will definitely affect your relationships with other people who surround you and also on your family.

The Conclusion:

ZCode is the number 1 tool in sports betting industry. They earned it by sacrificing 16 years of everyday hard work. After half a year with ZCode I can assure myself an interesting time spending this money. Recently, I traveled the world in my free time. Foreign culture has always fascinated me.


I decided to write this review to help people in bad financial situations, and for those who want to fulfill their dreams, but don’t have the funds. Just as Rick has helped me. With the difference being that he was in really a bad situation, not me.

I Believe in karma. It’s always coming back. Do good favors for other people, and they will get back to you. You don’t know the day you will need it.

About the Author

I'm 25 years old. I started working in a sawmill after I've finished my studies. I'm not a sports fan and I've never been. I'm working with ZCode till now and I'm just doing it for extra money for my hobbies which I couldn't afford before. I hope my review has helped you make a final choice. Good luck!

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